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The Little Mermaid

januari 25, 2018

Daddy's Little Princess Ariel & Triton and Deep Trouble (Ursula) figurines from Jim Shore

I saw The Little Mermaid with my daughters when it first came out, and more than anything I remember just how enchanted they were.  Mesmerized.  It wasn’t just the story or the characters or the sound or the music.  It was everything.  An entire experience that swept my little girls away and had them smiling and singing for days.  It was magic, a transformation that only Disney can achieve.  Hard to believe that was almost 30 years ago.  And even harder to believe how I’m still so young and my daughters are now so old! 


There are a lot of great characters in this one, names that became part of our lives. We had a series of fish in our aquarium named Flounder.  There was a pair of crabs for a while, both named Sebastian.  And it seemed like all my daughters were Ariel for Halloween at least once.  But there were two characters that really stole the show in my mind.  One was Ursula.  Disney understands the need for a really good villain, and villains don’t come much more evil than her. And her pals Flotsam and Jetsam were a nice touch, slithering and hissing around.  The other was Triton, strong and brave and true, but kind of clueless as a dad.  I can relate to that!  Here are my latest designs featuring these two great characters, one good and one evil. I really like them as a pair.  It takes both to make a great story! 

Look out for both items in UK stores now!



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