15th Anniversary Santa

Oct 23, 2017
Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems like it’s standing still, and other times you look back and wonder where it’s gone. We can lose track of things, not remembering or appreciating the constant growth and change that comes over time. My dad had a saying, 'The best time to plant an oak tree is twenty-five years ago. Or right now!' His message was simple and to my mind a good way of looking at life. Honor the past, but live life in the present. The future will take care of itself! Now fifteen years isn’t much when you look at life or history or oak trees. I’m sure I’ve got ties older than that! But it means a lot in my business, where fashion and tastes can change overnight. So the fifteenth anniversary of my Heartwood Creek collection means a lot to me. It’s a milestone worth celebrating, a decade and a half of doing something I love! I’m very grateful! I wanted this anniversary Santa to be special so I pulled out all the stops. The quilt patterns and designs are drawn from the history of my line, dating back to the very first pieces I created. But some of the shapes and features are newer, showing how my work has grown over the years. The musical aspect is a great touch. And the crystal elements, the symbols of fifteen years, are genuine Swarovski. It’s a design I’m proud of, something I think really captures the occasion! And I thought of my Dad as I created it. It honours the past, but is rooted in the present…laying a foundation for the future. I think he would have liked it. Thanks for everything, Dad!