A Message from Jim: Here's to Love!

Jun 28, 2023

It’s wedding season! Seems like most every day now we hear about somebody getting married or we’re celebrating an anniversary or two. And it runs the gamut! Everything from a friend’s daughter’s first wedding to a colleague’s 2nd time around to a cousin’s 50th anniversary. It’s all fun, all very romantic to a guy like me, and, no matter the specifics of the occasion, a great excuse to throw a party!

This year has been special though, it’s given me the chance to do something I’ve never done before. (At my age that’s a real rarity!) A few months ago my assistant Crystal asked me if I’d officiate at her wedding to my good friend Chad. Crystal has been with us over 30 years now, she’s more than just a trusted colleague and co-worker, she’s family. I was deeply touched and gratefully accepted. And it all seemed pretty easy at first! Getting certified to perform the ceremony was a cinch. Planning all the trappings and wardrobe choices and the party after was great fun. But what came hard were the words. What could I say that could begin to capture the God-given gift of love and the hard work and perseverance needed to maintain it every day? It was hard but I think I did ok. And I’m thankful for the chance it gave me to reflect on my own marriage, the commitment we’ve made and the happiness it’s brought us. So here’s to Crystal and Chad and everyone else celebrating a wedding or anniversary out there! May their lives together be punctuated with great celebrations and beautiful highlights… but always filled with the simple, constant joy of just being together.