Celebrating mums this Mother’s Day with Jim Shore

Feb 20, 2023
We love Mother’s Day. Not only is it a time to celebrate the special women in our lives – mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, friends, and those who have been like a mother figure to us (the list really does go on…), but to us, Mother’s Day always seems to signify the start of spring.

Maybe it’s the idea of birth, new beginnings, life re-awakening, fresh blooms starting to spring out of the ground from their winter slumber – we’ve got vivid memories of presenting our own mums with hand-picked bunches of daffodils from when we were little too! That’s why we adore this fabulously floral and ever-so-fitting figurine from Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek collection for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Called Bloomin’ Gnome, if your mum is a fan of the oh-so-popular gnome and super-sweet gonk trend, then this will make the perfect Jim Shore Mother’s Day gift for her! Standing at 18.0cm tall, this adorable gnome is presented in fresh spring-like pastel colours, with his light blue pointed hat standing tall, covering his eyes so only his little nose and billowing beard are visible. Complete with a lovely lilac outfit, the gnome is holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers with his arm outstretched, as if proudly presenting his picks to someone very special. And speaking of being very special, Bloomin’ Gnome features Jim Shore’s special signature style across its design aesthetic, with intricate carvings, quilting and pattern detailing, all inspired by Jim’s love of American Folk Art. This piece sure does make the perfect present for Mother’s Day, and we’re sure your mum (or whoever you’re buying for) will love it all the same the whole year through!

Of course, speaking of a mother’s love, what better way to capture the very special bond between mother and child than with a Beatrix Potter by Jim Shore figurine. We are hopping for glee with this piece, and it’s sure to have your mum bouncing with happiness too! Called “Once Upon A Time There Were Three Little Rabbits” Peter Rabbit Storybook, this figurine stands at 11.5cm tall, and is shaped like the pages of a storybook, featuring Mrs. Rabbit tending to her children, Flopsy, Mopsy and of course everyone’s favourite little bob-tailed bunny, Peter Rabbit. Crafted with beautiful 3D detailing, the form of the book frames the scene-scape, with the iconic words from the opening of Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit engraved across the pages reading: Once upon a time there were three little rabbits.

We also love this piece – Peter Rabbit with Mrs Rabbit Figurine. If you’re looking for a Peter Rabbit by Jim Shore Mother’s Day figurine, this is it! Featuring Peter Rabbit and his mother, Mrs. Rabbit, the two fluffy bunnies can be seen sharing a warm embrace. And let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a great big hug from your mum!

Speaking of iconic mum-and-son duos, maybe you’re looking for a Disney-themed Mother’s Day gift for your special someone this year. If so, then the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore collection is a feast for your eyes – you’re sure to find a special figurine that perfectly captures the essence of your special relationship with the mother figure in your life; be that your mum, another relative, friend, or just some extraordinary person who has always been like a mother to you your whole life through.

We adore this piece from Disney Traditions by Jim Shore called A Mother’s Unconditional Love. It features baby Dumbo and his mum frolicking in the hay, with their trunks entwined and big bright smiles on their face, it’s just perfect for Mother’s Day and beyond. We also absolutely idolise A Mother’s Love – Mrs Potts and Chip Figurine. Featuring the animated teapot of a housekeeper from Disney’s smash hit Beauty and the Beast along with her little teacup son, Chip, the perfect pair are seen standing side-by-side, heads together, sharing a knowing glance. A lovely piece that perfectly embodies the special bond between child (no matter how grown up you are) and the very special mother figures in our lives.

But hurry! Lots of people just like you are looking at our website and placing their orders for Mother’s Day. So much so, stock is regularly selling out and then being restocked. If you’ve got your eye on something but it isn’t showing as being available online, then don’t forget to make use of our email function! Simply leave us your contact details, and we’ll be in touch as soon as that piece comes back into stock again – hurrah!

Also, did you know we offer a range of personalisation options too? At the checkout on many different pieces, you can opt to buy a special personalised base for your figurines, where you could have a little love note engraved onto the stand for your mum or someone special.