Create a cosy home this autumn with Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Sep 6, 2023

Do you decorate for the seasons? Perhaps you’ve been following the trend on social media and quite fancy updating the décor in your home this year to better reflect the changing of the seasons? If so, we have the ultimate guide to all things Jim Shore and his world-renowned Heartwood Creek Collection, to help style your home for the new season. After all, the Heartwood Creek collection has evolved from its humble beginnings of just a few Santa pieces to a collection that celebrates all the seasons!


If you’re a big fan of falling trees, darker nights, cosy hot chocolates in front of the fire and all things pumpkin-spiced, then you’re going to want to take a look at these adorable Jim Shore gnomes!


First up we have the Harvest Scarecrow Gnome Figurine. Standing at 21.0cm tall, you could just imagine this jolly little fellow having a field day down at the pumpkin patch, scaring away the crows as the farmer gathers the harvest for the year! Featuring a friendly little gnome posing as a scarecrow, complete with patchwork on his blue shirt and tall pointed hat, he’s perched on top of a pumpkin with a friendly smile on his face. We think this gorgeous little Harvest Scarecrow Gnome is just gorgeous, and would look wonderful on any hallway console or entrance table, to really help ring in the new season.


Or how about this bumper Statue Gnome with Four Seasons Basket? You know the saying go big or go home? Well in this case, bigger is most certainly better, and this sensational gnome statue would be suitable for any season in your home!


Measuring in at 42.0cm, the gnome is created using Jim Shore’s iconic White Woodland design, featuring neutral tones of white, creams and very light icy blues. With a tall, pointed hat covering his eyes and a cute nose sticking out from above his beard, this gnome is wearing grey-toned mittens, with one arm outstretched in front of him… and here’s where it gets really special! You see, this figurine comes with four baskets, each filled with a different flower to represent the changing of the seasons. In just one figurine, you can bring a touch of spring, summer, autumn, or winter to your home, by simply swapping out the basket that’s in the gnome’s hand. Use the basket with pretty little florals for spring, the sunflowers for summer, the red and orange pumpkins for autumn, and the holly and the ivy for winter – just wonderful! Truly a statement piece, the Statue Gnome with Four Seasons Basket would look great situated on the floor next to a coffee table, on the hearth of your fireplace, or near front doors to help set the seasonal tone as visitors enter your home.


If you want to give more of a subtle nod to the changing of the seasons, and over-the-top pieces aren’t quite your aesthetic, then take a look at these mini figurines from Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore.


We adore the Fox Mini Figurine. Standing at just 9.5cm tall, this sweet little creature is featured sitting on his hind legs amongst a bed of pretty florals. With his big bushy tail sweeping around to the front of the scene and a gentle smile lighting up his friendly face, the warm tones of the fox’s fur and hazel-coloured eyes are just lovely – perfect for any autumn aesthetic.


Just like the Fox Mini Figurine, another small but perfectly formed nod to the changing of the seasons is the Woodland Wisdom (Barn Owl Figurine). Measuring slightly taller at 14.5cm, this Jim Shore figurine is beautifully understated. The owl is perched on a piece of bark surrounded by twigs and foliage, creating a natural look and feel to the piece, while the intricate shading of the owl’s body features tones of ivories and browns, adding to the rustic charm of the piece.


Both the Fox Mini Figurine and Woodland Wisdom (Barn Owl Figurine) coordinate beautifully together, with the varying heights of the two pieces adding an element of interest to any autumnal display. To keep things classically understated, why not position both the fox and the owl on angles so they’re posed in different directions on a bookshelf, or style them separately around your home in other nooks and crannies? We’re big fans of sill displays, and think these two pieces would look lovely displayed in your windows, bringing a touch of the autumnal vibe from outside of your home in.


Finally, we think there’s something magic about the changing of the seasons. From the long warm summer days to the nights drawing in and a bit of a chill in the air. Fresh, crisp mornings that require you to bundle up as you crunch through leaves on your walk into work. Yes – the changing of seasons is just magic, and, if you’re anything like us, the start of the ‘-ember’ months (September and October) brings a heightened sense of anticipation for the later ‘-ember months (November and December), as it means Christmas and all the magic of the festive season isn’t far away!


So, if you just love the wondrous nature of the changing of the seasons, you’re going to adore this Pumpkin Fairy Figurine. With her hands clasped delicately across her body, the Pumpkin Fairy smiles softly with her wings spread wide as if blessing your home and the changing of the seasons this harvest time. Standing at 10.0cm tall, the Pumpkin Fairy’s dress forms the shape of a pumpkin, complete with a patchwork design and featuring autumnal tones of burnt orange. The collar of her dress is created with the green leaves of the pumpkin, while her headdress resembles the stalk of the iconic autumn vegetable and the star of the show at many a harvest festival!


While this piece certainly isn’t a toy, we love the idea of using the Pumpkin Fairy Figurine to decorate your home this autumn time, especially if you have children in your family. Apparently, autumn officially starts on 1st September every year, so why not get your hands on this Jim Shore figurine now to display around your home during the autumn months? Then, as the end of next summer rolls around, bring her out again on the evening of 31st August once the children are in bed, to wake in the morning to find Pumpkin Fairy’s arrival, bringing with her a new season and the start of autumn.


It’s sure to become a tradition that is loved year after year, and even when your little ones no longer believe in the magic of fairies, we think Pumpkin Fairy will always look wonderful displayed on a hearth or fireplace, surrounded by garlands of autumnal leaves, mini pumpkins, and the warm glow of fairy lights. We feel all warm and cosy just thinking about it!


So, there you have it! Our hand-picked and carefully curated selection of autumnal pieces from Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Collection – just for you! Whichever piece best captures your autumnal aesthetic, you can be sure that each and every figurine showcases Jim’s inimitable hand-carved style, which blends the traditional motifs of American and European folk art with his trademark quilt and rosemaling patterns, extensive colour palette and attention to detail.


The integrity of each piece is upheld by the skilled craftsmanship involved in taking Jim’s original renderings and sculpting them into three-dimensional art forms — each handmade and lovingly hand-painted to ensure quality and authenticity. Whichever autumn Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore figurine you choose, it’s sure to be loved this autumn and for the many changing seasons to come.