Disney Princesses

Dec 13, 2023

When you think of a Disney Princess, any Disney Princess, what jumps to mind is a dynamic heroine who touches our hearts with her character and her courage. Those are the big, broad-brush traits they all seem to share. That and a great singing voice! But they’re all different too, with passions that set them apart and give them their own special personality. I think that’s one of the things that makes them so relatable. And why we don’t just admire them, we love them!

Grace and Beauty (Deluxe Aurora Figurine)

That’s the inspiration behind my Enchanted Princesses Masterpiece collection. I try to capture the heroic elements they all share while focusing on the individual traits and storylines that set them apart. And I try to do it on a scale and with a level of detail that truly makes these pieces special.

Belle, the first in the series, with her golden ball gown and rose was a great place to start. But it’s a series that keeps me engaged and excited, Tiana with her lilies and soon-to-be-prince frog, Cinderella with her crystal accents and pumpkins, Ariel with her pearls and of course Sebastian…. you get the picture! My latest is Aurora with a basket of flowers and Bluebird. I really like how she turned out, and she is available for pre-order now. Currently, I’m working on Jasmine, can’t wait to show her! Like I say, it’s a series that keeps me excited. Take a look, I hope you love it too!