Family Christmas Traditions

The best Christmas ornaments have a history.  It’s usually something like Aunt Judy gave us that, or we got that at Disney World or that one used to hang on Grandma Pat’s tree.  So there’s always some sort of story to tell when they come out of the box that makes each one special.  And that story is usually followed by someone saying I’ve always loved that Angel, or Santa, or Snowman or whatever, it reminds me of so and so.  It’s something I try to keep in mind while I’m designing, I want my ornaments to evoke an emotion or a memory that becomes a part of your family’s Christmas tradition.

I’m looking forward to decorating our trees soon, it’s a pretty big deal at our house!  So I wanted to show a few of my favourite ornaments, pieces that have a special meaning to me.  And from these pictures you can probably guess the memories we’re building in my family.  I do love this time of year!

Jim Shore with Grandchildren