Gorgeous gifts this Valentine’s Day from Jim Shore

Jan 24, 2023

If you’re here reading this blog, it’s most likely because of one of two reasons. 1: you either love Jim Shore, his many different collections like Heartwood Creek and Disney Traditions by Jim Shore, and just love his work; or 2: you’re looking for a gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift to give to someone special on 14th February, and you think a collectable figurine from Jim Shore would make the perfect present (we don’t disagree!).

So, whether you’re a fan and are looking to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, or you’re buying for someone special – be it a romantic love interest, a friend or family member, or another significant person in your life, look no further for some lovely ideas to help you show just how much they mean to you during this season of love and the whole year through…

Heartwood Creek:

Do you just love the growing trend of all things gonks and gnomes? Well then, you’re bound to fall head over heels with this little fella! Say hello to Gnomebody Loves You As Much As I Do figurine from the Heartwood Creek collection. Standing at just 13.0cm tall, this little gnome is presented with a big bushy beard and an over-sized hat covering his eyes, leaving only his mouth showing. And even though you might not be able to see the look of love across his face, the way Jim has created this super piece, you’re certainly still going to get that it’s packed full of loving sentiment! Dressed in a lovely red suit in the shade synonymous with romance, the gnome’s tall hat is complete with a hanging pink love-heart charm, while he offers his lucky Valentine a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers in his outstretched arm. A lovely Valentine’s Day gift for fans of Heartwood Creek, followers of Jim Shore, or collectors of gnomes – we’re sure you’re just going to just love this little guy!

Peanuts by Jim Shore:

Feeling a little nostalgic in the run up to February 14th? Well then check out one of Jim’s latest offerings from the much-loved Peanuts gang, with this collectable figurine, featuring everyone’s favourite fantasy white spotted beagle, Snoopy! Called Snoopy Cupid Mini Figurine from the Peanuts by Jim Shore Collection, as the name suggests, this piece sees Snoopy playing the ancient God of Love, Cupid. Holding a bow and arrow with the spear shaped like a love heart, Snoopy is taking aim as if about to unleash his ammunition, so that when the arrow strikes its target – as legend has it – they will become lovers. What a cheeky little chappie!

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore:

And speaking of cheeky chappies, could you get any cheekier (or cuter, if you ask us), than everyone’s favourite little blue alien from outer space, Stitch? Named Clueless Casanova, Stitch is presented in his Valentine’s Day finest attire; he’s wearing his best Hawaiian-print inspired shirt and is holding a big beautiful red rose. A gentle smile is breaking across his face with his ears perked up, in an expression as if to suggest he is hopeful he is doing the right thing of wooing his Valentine (but in reality, doesn’t really have a clue!). We wonder who will be the lucky recipient of Stitch’s red rose – maybe it’s his girlfriend, Angel? Let us know, who would you be gifting the gorgeous and oh-so-sweet Clueless Casanova to this Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you aren’t quite as clueless when it comes to love as Stitch and perhaps you’re an old romantic at heart. You never know, maybe you’re planning on popping the big question to your Valentine on 14th February this year. If that’s you, take a leaf out of Mickey Mouses’ book and check out this gorgeous piece from Jim’s world-renowned and much-loved collection, Disney Traditions by Jim Shore. Named A Magical Moment – Mickey Proposing to Minnie Mouse Figurine, this piece sees Mickey down on bended knee and presenting an ever-so-surprised Minnie Mouse with a sparkling engagement ring. With the base of this figurine also shaped like a love heart, this piece would make a gorgeous gift to give to your Disney-loving fiancé (or fiancée), a perfect present to celebrate a family or friend’s recent engagement, or it could also be a really cute alternative way of proposing as your Valentine as they open the gift box and finds this figurine (perhaps with their own engagement ring…) inside.

Lastly, the greatest love story that was ever written is your own. So, with that in mind, Valentine’s Day brings a whole new perspective to Jim’s best-selling storybook figurines – they’re a lovely symbolic way to encourage you to look back over the pages of what has been, find joy in the present and hope in the chapters of our stories that are yet to be written. We just love the Love Endures – Beauty and the Beast Storybook Figurine, featuring Prince Adam in his cursed Beast form, along with his very own bookworm princess, Belle. Wearing their iconic ballroom scene costumes of Beast’s blue suit and Belle’s yellow ball gown, the pair embrace and look lovingly into each other’s eyes, as Lumiere and Cogsworth watch on, and the open pages of the book behind the scene-scape reads Once Upon A Time.

We wonder how the story of your Valentine’s Day will unfold this year. Perhaps you’re celebrating your first 14th February together or maybe you’ve lost count of how many Valentine’s Days you’ve shared. However you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, we hope it’s as wonderful as some of the best love stories ever written, and that you get to enjoy your happily ever after!

And Don’t Forget…

Did you know that here at Jim Shore Designs, we offer a range of personalisation options too? At the checkout on many different pieces, you can opt to buy a special personalised base for your figurines, where you could have a little love note engraved onto the stand for your someone special. What’s more, many of the bases are presented in the same style that has become synonymous with Jim Shore’s aesthetic artistry; inspired by American folk art, you’ll find bases that include intricate carvings and motif details, so they beautifully complement your chosen Jim Shore figurine – quite the perfect pair this Valentine’s Day.

Either have the package delivered to you so you can give it to the lucky someone in-person on Valentine’s Day, or if distance means you can’t be together on 14th February (or perhaps you’re being an old romantic and want to be a secret Valentine), then you can have the gift sent directly to the receiver.