Monthly Angels

Mar 21, 2018

I’m known for how I use colour. I’m drawn to the unexpected, yellows with purples, greens with oranges, unique combinations that excite the eye and spark the imagination. It’s part of the fun for me, a chance to express myself and experiment with new ideas. But there are limits! Sometimes there’s a specific need for a particular colour, when it has to be just right to express the meaning of the design.  Like in my new Monthly Angels collection. These pieces are defined by colour, a subtle background with bright splashes that signify the birthstones and flowers associated with each month. There’s no room for experimentation!

This February Angel is a great example. The rich purple of the amethyst crystal is a signature colour. The similar, complimentary shade of the violets is a nice variation, and a great contrast to the soft ivory background of the piece. These purples make February a particular favourite of mine.  As you might know I like purple a lot!  And it reminds me of my grandmother who loved purple, and who’s birthday just happened to be in February. It all works together for me, no experimentation or surprises. With this design it just couldn’t be anything else!