New Jim Shore designs make for a paw-fect treat this Easter!

With Spring having officially sprung, the dark nights are getting shorter, the days are getting longer, and the lovely warmer weather of the new season is on its way. That can only mean one thing, right? While sleepy daffodils start to bloom and awaken from their dark beds of soil and push through the ground, the Easter Bunny is busy collecting chocolate eggs, sweet treats and other gorgeous goodies to deliver to all the good little girls and boys.


But you don’t need to wait for the Easter Bunny to come hopping along with a basket stuffed full of paw-fect presents for you! Oh no – here at Jim Shore, we have a whole host of wonderful springtime and Easter designs in partnership with some of the best-loved brands across the globe just waiting for you to add to your Easter (shopping) basket this season! What’s more, just as Spring signals the start of a new season, lovely Jim Shore designs are brand new for the season too! Take a look…


As you may know, every year Jim creates a new and exclusive Easter Basket. This year sees the release of the 17th iteration, and we just love it! Called Easter Cheer is Found Here, it features a traditionally woven Easter basket, filled with removable colourful eggs and a family of three dapper-dressed bunnies in their ‘Sunday Best’ sitting inside. Beautifully hand-crafted in delicate detail, collectors are going to want to get their paws on the piece!


And speaking of bunnies, everyone’s favourite bob-tailed bunny rabbit would make the perfect gift for the season. That’s right – in Jim Shore’s exciting collaboration with Beatrix Potter, you can now enjoy his interpretation of the much-loved children’s literary classic, Peter Rabbit, this Easter.


We adore Jim’s storybook creation, Once Upon A Time There Were Four Little Rabbits. Carefully crafted into the shape of a 3D book, this piece depicts the opening scene of The Tale of Peter Rabbit featuring Peter in his iconic blue coat, along with his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-Tail in their red capes, and Mrs. Rabbit tending to her children, with a woven detailed white apron around her waist. The most paw-fect Easter gift for a fan of Beatrix Potter or Jim Shore (as well as a lovely non-chocolate treat for yourself during springtime), that is sure to be loved year-after-year and will become a firm favourite at Easter with generations to come.


 Of course, special times of year, like Easter, are all-the-more special when shared with loved ones making happy memories together that will last a lifetime. That’s why we adore this Peter Rabbit with Mrs. Rabbit design. Beautifully capturing the bond between mother and child, this creation sees Peter Rabbit and his mum in a warm embrace, with him safely snuggled into her arms, while Mrs. Rabbit gently places a reassuring paw on her son’s face. A beautiful sentiment that would make a gorgeous gift for someone special this Easter time, as well as a lovely self-purchase, if you’re looking to treat yourself and add to your growing Jim Shore collection too!


Finally, while cute and fluffy bunny rabbits may be synonymous with the season, we just love this creation from Jim Shore, featuring another iconic character. In his Disney Traditions by Jim Shore collection, Jim takes on Disney’s Stitch, the mischievous little blue alien from outer space, as presented in Disney’s animated movie, Lilo and Stitch.


The design Bizarre Bunny features Disney’s Stitch poised in a running pose, with a basket stuffed full of colourful Easter eggs aloft over his shoulder, as if getting up to no good again, and trying to make a get-away with all of the gifts and sweet treats earmarked for good little girls and boys. With a big toothy grin on his face, you can’t help but raise a smile at this lovely piece, capturing the innocence and excitement of the season, as children patiently wait for the arrival of the Easter Bunny, to follow the trail he leaves behind and leading them to a lot of lovely goodies.