Peanuts™ by Jim Shore is back!

May 20, 2022

Over 70 years ago in 1950, writer and illustrator Charles M. Schulz first launched the daily comic strip Peanuts™, featuring a social circle of young children, with the main character a meek and nervous young boy named Charlie Brown, along with his black and white beagle, Snoopy. Since then, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts™ gang have become a classic, with Enesco first launching its licensed collection of Snoopy designs in 2015 with world-famous American artist, Jim Shore.


The collection took a break a few years ago, but thanks to the resurgence of Peanuts™ due to featuring heavily in film, fashion and homeware recently, we’re super excited to let you know that Peanuts™ by Jim Shore is back – bigger and better than ever before and with a whole new collection of brand-new and exciting collectable Snoopy designs for fans to enjoy!


And of course, what better way to celebrate the resurgence of Peanuts™ and its ever-growing popularity than with this aptly named brand-new-and-exclusive piece, A Grand Celebration. In this exciting new design, the entire Peanuts™ gang are back together, seeing Snoopy and Charlie Brown hoisted high into the air by their friends Peppermint Patty, Linus, Lucy, Sally and Franklin. A truly joyous occasion with the sentiment clearly coming through in the artistry of Jim Shore and his unique ability to really capture the moment, bringing the cartoon characters to life through his use of motif work and quilting patterns, inspired by American folk art.


If you just love Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts™ gang, then you’re going to adore this brand-new piece too. Named Love Is In The Air, as the name suggests, everyone’s favourite cartoon dog can be seen holding four big blow-up balloon letters in his paws, with each inflatable spelling out the word L-O-V-E. While it looks like Snoopy might get into a spot of trouble and soon be carried away by the balloons, his sidekick Woodstock perches perfectly inside of the ‘O’ shaped balloon, watching the scene unfold beneath him.


Of course, inspired by the classic Peanuts™ comics and cartoons, what would this collection be without a classic Snoopy pose? Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the Peanuts™ gang or are new to discovering the world of Snoopy and his pals, this My Best Friend design is truly timeless, featuring Snoopy sitting on his back legs, with his yellow-feathered friend Woodstock perched on top of his head. A lovely piece to help a new fan start their licensed Snoopy™ collection, or a wonderful addition for long-time fans of the franchise.


As well as classic characterisation inspired by scenes from the Peanuts™ comics, new into the Peanuts™ by Jim Shore collection are several designs that are sensationally seasonal and bring a brilliantly warm summer vibe to the offering. We’re totally chilled out with Just Hanging Around, featuring Snoopy and Woodstock lazing around in a hammock and soaking up some of the sun’s warm rays.


Then after all that rest and relaxation, it’s time to hop on a surf board and ride some waves! Cowabunga perfectly captures the fun and frivolity of the Peanuts™ gang, with Snoopy and Woodstock enjoying an exhilarating moment as they catch the break of a big blue wave.


And then to wrap up a day of fun in the sun – and certainly having worked up an appetite after all that splashing around in the sea – what better way to enjoy a slice of summer than with a big wedge of watermelon? Sitting together on a patch of grass, Snoopy and Woodstock can be seen sharing a slice of the delicious summertime fruit, in a brand-new design called A Summer Snack.


As well as classic figurines capturing the quirks of the Peanut™ gang and super seasonal pieces too, new to Peanuts™ by Jim Shore is also a collection of miniature designs showing Snoopy™ turning his paw to different professions! The Snoopy Doctor Mini Figurine showcases everyone’s favourite dog busy tending to his patients and ready for his ward rounds, complete with a clipboard full of notes under his arm and a stethoscope around his neck. Don’t forget to also check out the Snoopy Chef Mini Figurine too! In this piece, Snoopy is ready to cook up a storm, complete with chef-white apron and hat while holding a wooden spoon in his paw.


Both the Snoopy Doctor Mini Figurine and Snoopy Chef Mini Figurine are due into stock very soon! You can leave your email address on the website to register your interest and we’ll send you a note as soon as they’re available to buy. Along with Snoopy Doctor and Snoopy Chef, many more brand-new-and-exclusive Peanuts by Jim Shore licensed Snoopy designs are being added to the website. Make sure you keep checking back to see all of the very latest releases and don’t miss your chance to get your paws on Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts™ gang!

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