Twas the Night Before Christmas

Over the years I’ve designed thousands of Santas

Everything from tall, pencil-thin folk-art pieces to Jolly Old Elves to double-sided characters in elaborate North Pole scenes. I’ve done him riding a bear and a reindeer, driving a sleigh, delivering gifts, and sliding down a chimney, in different colour palettes and with a cast of numerous characters as long as your arm. You might say he’s a staple of my art, a subject I can use to make a connection with people from all over the world. The challenge is to make each one distinctive, a unique depiction of an iconic character everyone knows and loves.

The Vision behind the Legend

Our modern vision of Santa Claus was created by Clement Clarke Moore in his poem: "Twas the Night Before Christmas." First published in 1823, it’s arguably the most read and beloved verse in the history of American literature.

It’s been one of my ambitions for a while now to do my own illustrated version as a tribute to the tradition Clement Moore first created, using my own style and adding my own special touches to the mix.

The figurines were designed with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there

It was a real labor of love that took me several years to complete.

I wanted everything to be just right, I even hand-wrote the entire verse myself and created a figural collection to bring the story to life! I don’t mind saying I’m extremely proud of the result!

Each page and each piece have something special, a visual treat I hope will be a part of creating new Christmas traditions in families near and far. Take a look and let me know what you think, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.