What’s up, doc? Oh! It’s only a brand-new collection of Looney Tunes by Jim Shore figurines

Sep 30, 2022
I tawt I taw a brand-new collection of Jim Shore collectable figurines! You did, you did! You did taw a brand-new collection of Jim Shore collectable figurines! Yes – that’s right – we’re as excited as Bugs Bunny when he sees a stash of carrots to tell you that we have a whole host of brand new and exciting figurines from world-renowned American artist, the one and only, Jim Shore. Using his unique love and ability to pair some of the world’s best-loved entertainment brands with his American folk art quilting and motif patterns, Jim brings to life the world of Warner Bros’ Looney Tunes like you’ve never seen before! Feeling the love for this new collection? Us too! That’s why we’re head-over-heals for this gorgeous Pepe le Pew and Penelope figurine, seeing the two love birds (wait – perhaps that’s more appropriate for Tweety?) sharing a little loved up moment as the ‘smell’ of romance fills the air with their tails meeting to form a sweet love heart shape above the scene. And speaking of Tweety – as well as keeping with the theme of love – like an arrow through the heart we’ve been struck down by this gorgeous piece. Called You’re My Tweet Heart, it features everyone’s favourite little yellow bird floating above a love heart as if like Cupid, complete with bow and arrow in hand. It seems as though another Looney Tunes is feeling the love for this brand-new collection too! Take a look at Taz as you’ve never seen him before, as captured in this heart-warming figurine called Date Night with Taz. Wearing his best clobber, Taz is standing with a big grin on his face, while holding a big bouquet of flowers and – of course – a slab of raw steak! And while Taz is trying to play it cool for his date night, the one and only Bugs Bunny is just as cool as ever in this new piece from Jim Shore, called Cool as a Carrot. As you’d imagine, Mr Bunny is the epitome of chill, stretched out with legs crossed and propping his beaming head up with a paw, while gnawing on his much-loved carrots. Ever the entertainer – as well as being achingly cool – one of our favourite pieces of the new collection is On With The Show, featuring Bugs and his sidekick Daffy Duck, performing a little ditty, complete with boating hats and umbrellas for canes. What a scene! Of course, while Daffy may be all about putting on a show with his pal Bugs, fans of the Looney Tunes will know that he can be a bit temperamental too. Standing with wings crossed in front of his chest, back turned and beak in the air with a gesture of displeasure about his stance, we wonder what has miffed Daffy in this brilliant piece from Jim Shore – Temperamental Duck. Can you think what it might be? Also joining the Looney Tunes by Jim Shore collection are Elmer Fudd, poised and ready to hunt that wascally wabbit, Speedy Gonzales in his over-sized sombrero ready to shout “Andale, Arriba!” and Yosemite Sam with his six shooters ready for trouble. Finally, flying in to join the rest of the Looney Tunes in this truly unique collection is Marvin the Martian. In a brand new Jim Shore figurine called World Conqueror, Marvin is complete with his roman-army-style outfit, standing in a pose with his hand to mouth and a pondering look on his face, as if considering his next steps to take over planet Earth. Much like Marvin himself, we think this brand-new collection of Looney Tunes by Jim Shore figurines are absolutely out of this world! Perfect for fans of Jim Shore, as well as the original Looney Tunes themselves, keep an eye on this collection as it’s set to be a popular one. But for now – that’s all folks!