Meet the Button and Squeaky Characters

button and squeaky characters

Humorous and engaging, Button the Teddy Bear embodies the values Jim Shore expresses in his art…love of family, friends, God and country. Button wears his heart on his sleeve, or is it on his chest! He’s adventurous and fun-loving, always up for new experience. He’s curious about the world around him and wise in the gifts he’s been given. Like most of us Button can be a curmudgeon at times, but his sincerity and good humour always win out.

Button’s girlfriend Pinky is supportive and playful, always ready to have fun with her friends. Loving and kind, she’s also independent, a mind of her own that reacts differently to situations. Mature and stable, she’s a little less impetuous than Button and his balloon dog pal. But she’s loyal, and always ready to provide emotional support when things gets hard. She is wise about matters of the heart and has a sense of humour... mostly at the expense of Button and Squeaky.

Button’s pet Balloon Dog Squeaky is into everything, he loves to explore life and all its possibilities. He’s courageous and fun-loving, willing to take a dare, he’ll face anything with his friend Button. But he’s deceptively wise, and seemingly always in the right place at the right time. Squeaky fears nothing...except sharp objects and open flames.